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def magicicada::tests::test_dbusiface::TestLogs::test_sharestoothers_processing (   self  ) 

Test get shares to others with one.

Definition at line 863 of file test_dbusiface.py.

00863                                             :
        """Test get shares to others with one."""
        d = dict(accepted=u'True', access_level=u'View', free_bytes=u'123456',
                 name=u'foobar', node_id=u'node', other_username=u'johndoe',
                 other_visible_name=u'John Doe', path=u'path',
                 volume_id=u'vol', type=u'Shared')
        self.fake_sdt_response('list_shared', [d])
        yield self.dbus.get_shares_to_others()
                        "Processing Shares To Others items (1)"))
        self.assertTrue(self.handler.check_dbg("    Share data: %r" % d))

class RetryDecoratorTests(TwistedTestCase):

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