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def magicicada::tests::test_dbusiface::TestLogs::test_name_owner_changed_yes_syncdaemon_TF (   self  ) 

Test name owner changed callback, SD value bad.

Definition at line 785 of file test_dbusiface.py.

00785                                                        :
        """Test name owner changed callback, SD value bad."""
        self.dbus._on_name_owner_changed("com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon", "F", "T")
        self.assertTrue(self.handler.check_inf("Received Name Owner changed"))
        self.assertTrue(self.handler.check_dbg("Name Owner data: u'F' u'T'"))
                        "Name Owner invalid data: Same bool in old and new!"))

    def test_folder_created_changed(self):

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