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def magicicada::syncdaemon::SyncDaemon::_check_mq (   self  )  [private]

Check MQ if we should.

Definition at line 229 of file syncdaemon.py.

00229                        :
        """Check MQ if we should."""
        state = self.current_state
        if state.queues not in ('WORKING_ON_METADATA', 'WORKING_ON_BOTH'):
            logger.info("Check MQ called but States not in MQ")
            logger.info("Asking for MQ information")

            # have we a previous call later still running?
            if self._mqcaller is not None and self._mqcaller.active():

            # get the info
            new_mq = yield self.dbus.get_meta_queue()

            if new_mq != self.meta_queue:
                logger.info("SD Meta Queue changed: %d items", len(new_mq))
                self.meta_queue = new_mq

            # check again later
            self._mqcaller = reactor.callLater(self._mq_poll_time,

    def start(self):

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